Clearwater Services

Licensed Attorneys, Project Managers, Project Supervisors, Landman Services, Lease Buyers, Curative Agents, Right of Way Agents, Due Diligence, Abstracters, Paralegals, Accounting/Billing Personnel, Data/Document Specialists, Educational and Training Personnel

Independent Contractor or Employee?

  • Clearwater operates as a traditional “Professional Services Provider.”
  • All personnel ¬†working for clearwater are employees – NOT independent contractors.
  • The client is shielded from unemployment claims and auditing issues.
  • A great deal of time, money and effort is invested in each of our employees.
  • Clearwater strives to keep those we train.

Management & Work Environment

  • Clearwater operates a field office in close proximity to the assigned work area where employees are provided all the tools needed to perform optimally.
  • Our staff is provided much needed workspace, something not provided to independent contractors regularly.
  • Managers and support staff are available to answer questions and streamline all processes to create a more high quality final product.


  • We train every employee in-house, a very different approach from tradition.
  • A stipend is provided to every employee to use towards continued education and training in their field of expertise.
  • Clearwater feels that education is a large part of achieving the highest level of professionalism.


  • Clearwater offers complete transparency to combat a critical issue that plagues the oil and gas industry.
  • All daily work and progress reports are available online to clients, which enables open communication between client and service company.
  • A professional profile for each employee can be provided up a client’s request.


  • A safe working environment is extremely important to today’s oil and gas industry.
  • All employees must participate in a company-wide “Safety In the Field & Workplace” training program.
  • Our employees are required to notify their supervisors and office manager of their daily schedule if they are working out of the office.
  • “Self-Preservation” Training is provided to all personnel annually to ensure safety in the field.